Monday, November 3, 2014

Not all scarecrows have to be scary!

I am just LOVING this Scarecrow from !
You can find him in the ~Leaves are Falling SVG kit~

I started out by sizing al the parts in Cricut Design Space. 
Each Kit comes with the measurements, so that you can properly
size everything to cut with your Cricut Explore.

This is the Scarecrows vest.  It was really easy to assemble.

These pieces are to make his pants.  One leg will have small holes 
so that you can tell them apart from the other leg.

The Scarecrows Hat.  A little tricky, but you catch on pretty 
quickly. Make sure to allow the glue to dry before moving on 
to the next panel.

These pieces will make up the head and hair of the scarecrow.  
This part took a little extra time to glue, as the pieces were a little
harder to glue for the inside part of the head.

Shirt, arms and straw..was pretty easy to assemble. The nice part about this file is that 
they number each piece, so it makes assembling much easier.

I added some string to accent the cuff of his pants. 
I just love seeing it all come together.

Cute little banner That I attached with some metal leaf brads.  
You can find instuctional videos with all of their kits on their website. 
I highly reccomend watching them, there are a lot of pieces which can be 
very intimidating...but the video walks you through..step by step!

The cornstalks shown can also be found on 
They are part of the Enchanted Autumn SVG kit. They have battery
operated tealights in each one. Their file had them sized at 5 inches tall
but I just stretched them out to 11 inches tall, to match the height
of the scarecrow.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed this as much as
I enjoyed making him!!


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